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    At Curtis our focus isn't just making our clients happy, it's keeping them that way. That's why our client retention rate is one of the best in the industry. We specialize in high quality personalized service, so if there's something in particular you're looking for, be sure to mention it below.

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    Note that Curtis serves communities primarily in San Diego and Orange Counties.

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    "I have had the experience of the past 7 years' relationship with Curtis Management as Board President, during which time I have witnessed a high level of competency in all facets of HOA compliance, homeowner concerns, and vendor relations. The owner, Patrick, has always demonstrated a vested interest; as well as my property manager, Andrew, who has stepped up to the plate each and every time! Most important, response time is truly within 24 hours. They have our best interest at all times, no doubt!"Gail KalaniBoard President
    Alacima Homeowners Association, Oceanside

    "Our Board of Directors has had the privilege of working with Curtis Management Company for the past year. Due to their professional experience and sophistication our transition from our previous company was seamless. Curtis Management operates with honesty, integrity and adherence to best business practices. They take the initiative even before we ask for something. They provide the highest quality management services at competitive pricing. The team at Curtis Management Company are excellent to work with and I highly recommend them."Tony CannariatoBoard President
    Aviara Point Homeowners’ Association, Carlsbad

    "Curtis Management Company provides excellent customer service to the residents of our community of 300 homes located in San Clemente. I have been on the Board of Directors for eight years and seven of those in the capacity of President, during which time I have found Curtis Management Company to be highly responsive and very capable of serving our HOA’s needs. Their staff always communicates in a very timely way to all our residents on a variety of homeowner issues."Marcelino G. LomeliBoard President
    Seascape Village Owners Association, San Clemente

    "Curtis Management Company provides highly skilled, experienced, and caring property managers who deliver excellence in reliable and cost-efficient service to the Rancho San Clemente Community Association of homeowners."Vonne BarnesBoard President
    Rancho San Clemente Community Master Association, San Clemente

    "Curtis Management has provided property management services for our 152 unit HOA in Solana Beach for the past 4 years. I have served on our Board of Directors for 10 years and worked with 3 other management companies. Curtis Management has provided superior and professional management services and our Homeowners have been very happy with their work. Their managers and support staff are responsive and respectful to Homeowners which is key to a well-managed HOA. I can highly recommend Curtis Management."Frank WarnerHOA President
    St. Francis Court HOA, Solana Beach

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